The old ways of working have stopped working. So what can we do differently?

Hear from Enboarder CEO on the journey to People Activation.

Then be inspired by a keynote from futurist, humanist and best-selling author Gerd Leonhard on how we can build a future where we use technology to be more human.

Across the three episodes, we'll:

Explore why right now is such a pivotal moment in our industry that absolutely demands we change the way we do things

Unpack the science and psychology behind behaviour design

Explain how the power of human connection is fundamental to activate your people.

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Episode 3

Activating Your People

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Behavior Design is a field of research exploring how we can design our products, services and experiences - and yes, HR programs - to drive specific actions.

Dr BJ Fogg is a pioneer in Behavior Design. In his keynote, he unpacks the Fogg model - the three key elements that combine to drive action.

Following this, a panel of superstar subject matter experts, thought leaders and HR pros deep dive into Designing for Action as we connect theory to practical application.

Let's talk action and scalability. 

In this final episode, we reveal the secret ingredient that enables us to take Behavioral Design from one-to-one (or one-to-few) all the way up to an organizational level.

Our panel of gurus and doyens from around the world and across industries will help you understand what it takes to inspire action and truly engage your people, enabling you to transform your people's programs into simple, science-based, human-centric journeys.

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Designing for Action

Episode 2

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Episode 1

The People Activation Revolution Is Here

A unique FREE three-episode experience  showing you a completely new way to think about how we work in the age of overwhelm, as remote and hybrid work has become the new normal.

Enboarder EDGE marks the start of the People Activation Revolution


Highlights from EDGE 2021

EDGE 2021 was packed with insights from our speakers. 

To help you navigate quickly to the golden nuggets of wisdom, we've selected bite-sized highlights from our episodes, and catalogued them according to key topics of interest.

This binge-worthy video experience also includes additional content from our speakers, so you can deep dive into your areas of interest.

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