The Countdown to the People Activation Revolution is on

EDGE is a unique three-episode streaming experience that will launch the People Activation Revolution - a completely new way to think about how we work in the age of overwhelm, and in a reality where remote and hybrid work is the new normal.

Across three episodes, we’ll explore why right now is such a pivotal moment in our industry that absolutely demands we change the way we do things, we’ll unpack the science and psychology behind behaviour design and explain how the power of human connection is fundamental to activate your people. 

To join the revolution:

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Top 5 reasons to attend:

1. Hear from globally renowned thought leaders

2. Learn how to cut-through the noise and increase participation and engagement rates with your programs

3. Learn how to orchestrate and connect your people to drive action

4. Ensure you attract and retain the best talent using human-centric journeys

5. Help maintain human connection in a hybrid/virtual world

Speaker announcements coming soon

In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing world-leading speakers, industry experts and eminent scientific minds who will be taking to the EDGE stage to explore this revolutionary new approach and give you the information and insights you need to begin implementing it.

Our Partners

Our good friends and collaborators at Culture Amp and Degreed are proud to be part of the People Activation Revolution. 

They will be joining us on stage for Episode 3 when we explore just how you can start to implement some of these concepts in your business and hear stories about how some of our clients are doing just that.